Tuesday, March 9, 2010

God CARES for Orphans

I find working in extreme poverty a challenge at the best of times. But in some ways my trips are very rewarding. For example I remember my trip last March with my daughter and wife and team. We were able to accomplish much and at the same time when we left, we left behind those who were still suffering. I think of one baby in particular. This child was brought into this world in a dysfunctional environment and for her it only got worse.

The child lived with her mother and siblings, but this was only one of the wives of 3, for the man of the house. There was always tension in the house as you can imagine, poverty; and 3 women with their children fighting over the limited resources which he would bring home, all trying to meet their basic needs.

One day he came home only to start fighting with one of the wives, and as the argument escalated all of the women engaged in the battle. He took out a gun and began shooting them one at a time with the babies in their arms. Then after killing the two women, and looking for the 3rd that ran and hid, he killed himself. The children were not found until a number of days later, still lying in their dead mothers arms.

The baby that my daughter is holding is Doru, one of those children. During the time Alyssa worked with her she would have no emotional responses, she would not laugh, she would not cry. She would just sit on the ground, or be cradled in your arms showing no physical emotion. If she was in pain she might moan but that was it. It was so sad and unbearable to watch.
Well when I was there this January, I was able to witness some phenomenal healing. I played with Doru and she was laughing and giggling and my heart was more than over joyed at the sight. I was ecstatic and thanked God that this child found her way to this Christian orphanage to be healed, or at least begin the process.

How can we pray:
1. pray for other orphans like Doru who go through so much suffering and abandonment
2. pray for the overwhelming tasks the staff have at the orphanage in Sudan
3. pray for peace in Sudan as unrest continues